It’s Time

WORK IN PROGRESS – It’s Time is a site-specific outdoor artwork planned for installation in summer 2023. It is a sundial of sorts – a flat, vertical surface with a series of horizontal projections that act as gnomons. Text becomes legible as the sun moves throughout the day. It is site specific in the sense that the orientation and length of the projections are calculated based on the geographic location so that their shadows align with marks on the vertical surface to spell “IF NOT NOW WHEN” at noon each day (and align with perfection on the summer solstice – June 21st).

Conceptually, the piece intends to visually capture a sense of shifting time and engage participants in considering the importance of our decision making during our tenure on earth. Why do we ‘put off till tomorrow what we could do today’ or wait for the ‘perfect moment’ when there is no better time than the present to do what really matters? What context do we need for understanding our choices? What do we need to understand the value of acting (or not) in the face of urgent, but overwhelming conditions such as climate change, political choices, war, and challenges to our rights?

We might arrive at the piece while the text is legible, or perhaps visit on a cloudy day, or too early or too late in the day for it to be clear. We might then be curious, wonder, contemplate, and realize the prompt by thinking about how the sun moves through the sky, reliably recording the evolution of time, and see how our participation in the pondering makes the piece complete. The question of how to encourage meaningful action is the subject of many studies, and findings often recognize that making a public commitment to participate has an important effect on people’s conviction and follow through. Participants in the piece will be offered the opportunity to write and submit their own thoughts on what they’ve been putting off and share their commitment to action.

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